Family Success: When your family… extended or otherwise… can participate at every level, each healthy, financially secure, personally successful in becoming more; what amazing family that produces. It is not just about who is the lawyer or doctor. It is about everyone maturing together and becoming people that make a difference in others’ lives. Imagine the legacy.

A Good Idea will be to provide tools that can be used by all family members so each reaches a balance in life that does not exclude the rest of the family. Therefore the family as a whole is a statement.


Ideas in pursuit of Family Success - Start them young - Give and build together

Fabulous tool for family success by building personal success and finding your purpose together. The Guided Travelers Experience changed my family's perspective and gave us the tools to continue to grow and become more individually and as a family.

The Guided Traveler's Experience
Once you have gone through it, you will want to have family memebrs participate as well. The entire family over 10 can benefit. Watch the video and get your free gift now.

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Family: Teaching entrepreneurship to children

posted Aug 11, 2016, 7:59 PM by Dan Harrington

There is so much our children can learn from being a entrepreneur at any level. I know as a newspaper carrier I learned so many valuable lessons. One of which was "sick or didn't feel like it" was not an option. My customers expected their paper and I was responsible to get it to them.

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