Total Wellbeing

posted Sep 11, 2016, 4:01 PM by Dan Harrington
Total Wellbeing 

Our next Weight Loss Challenge is to start us or help us continue your journey of total wellness. 

We often say...
80% Nutrition
20% Workout
100% Mindset

It is a matter of a 100% Mindset to continue for the 12 weeks of the challenge. It will take a "soulset" to continue the rest of our lives. Have to believe in the process with our "heart and soul" to make it a permanent lifestyle change. Simple food understanding and meal plan without following every social media craze. Herbalife affords us the simplicity of a shake that is truly a balanced with all the right stuff we can consume continuously. Nothing added that we just should not have too much of. Herbalife can be the permanent lifestyle change yet it will require us to believe and to continue to act on that belief. Let's build that belief the next 12 weeks. 

"We need to take care of our body, it is the only place we have to live." -- Jim Rohn

Sometimes product use brings belief. Sometimes belief brings product use. But it does take belief. Belief brings us to the third dimension to total wellbeing, our spirit. Whatever our belief is, are we nourishing our faith. Beyond going into our place of worship or following the law of our belief, are we walking in the faith of our belief. Three dimensional health... body, soul, and spirit.