Purpose Driven Life: Somewhere in the journey of life we are to find true purpose. Something that gets us going everyday. Something, when we look back on the day, we see the purpose of the day. Each week another step in our journey with purpose. Something so we can always look back and see we lived life on purpose not happenstance.


Ideas in pursuit of finding Purpose - Finding and Defining Our Why

In Guided Traveler's Experience, Andy takes you through several of his books beginning with best seller, The Traveler's Gift. In addition he shares ideas from The Lost Choice which is fresh perspective on life's purpose.

Once you have gone through it, you will have a fresh perspective on success and purpose. Watch the video and get your free gift now.

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Purpose: Go BIG Now!

posted Aug 11, 2016, 7:28 PM by Dan Harrington

Life is not only what we have, it is what we have in us and the "why" of our life. No matter how successful... no matter how clear our purpose is today... we can always use coaching or mentoring to help us... to remind us to live for our purpose. 

All the great athletes have coaches and mentors for all the parts of their lives that lead them to succeed. Though many have succeeded, yet without mentoring and listening to mentors their lifestyle did not actually match their success and often they lose everything. Let's look for the coaches and mentors that make sense for us.

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Go BIG Now!

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